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Snow, Flooding, and Dietary Conferences

Our year old calved eating on a cold cold March morning.

Nebraska winters have their downsides.  Recent days of subzero temperatures and the snow cover of three months, changed overnight to rain and flooding.  I don’t remember seeing that much flowing water in the dry creek in my lifetime!

Buffalo Creek, normally dry, flowing at well over five foot deep.

Cattle have suffered in the winter elements, huddling together to stay shielded from the wind. Our animals have their nutritional requirements increase anywhere from 10-25% depending on how severe the cold is.  Chris and John have had to take special care of several suffering cows that got down and couldn’t get up on the ice beneath them.  An injection of a healthy vitamin and mineral supplement was the nutrition rescue one cow needed to strengthen her and save her life.

Buffalo Creek at the same location 48 hours after flooding and more snow.

While John and Chris labored outside, several weeks ago, I got to spend some inside time reflecting on another nutrition rescue. 

I attended the Low Carb Conference in Denver via the internet!  It definitely recharged my nutrition batteries. 

An increasing number of chronic diseases in health care are directly related to insulin resistance and inflammation, which were topics of the conference.

The conference reminded me why I love my job as a Registered Dietitian.  Food becomes the medicine of choice to offer people who need help with insulin resistance and inflammation.  It also reminded me of why our goal of raising grass fed and grass finished beef is important to you.  It gives you a clean anti-inflammatory meat that works on a Keto or any other diet.

If you happen to need some clean grass finished beef, we are making a delivery to Denver March 23.

-Mary Lou


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