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I am a cheapskate at heart or rather very frugal with how I spend our money. It comes with the territory of being in rural America. I love to save money and I love to help someone else do the same.

The current situation with Corona Virus has certainly curtailed my spending, and that has helped us survive the recent cut in my paid work hours. Overall, John has been happy with the situation since my unpaid hours here have increased. Along with the decrease in my spending, he is looking at this as a win-win for him.

I don't know how you are doing, but my heart goes out to everyone of you who is financially threaten by the current state of affairs. I do hope we all weather this storm and find the only hope for this world and the next, Jesus Christ. In the mean time, I am rooting for your budget and mine!

That said, it may seem that our prices indicate something different. Please understand, things in the beef industry are tricky right now. It is very difficult, if not impossible to even get an appointment to have our beef harvested. Our expenses go up. Meanwhile, beef prices climb, as reflected in the stores. As a result, we have had to make tough decisions to increase prices to cover these costs.

High demand for our beef this spring, created a shortage for us to sell. To help supply you with clean beef, we have sourced local all natural (certified hormone and antibiotic free) beef animals to sell. They are grown locally on grass, and finished on a balanced ration of hay and grain. We are confident you will love them.

We will also have a limited supply of our own grass-finished beef through the summer.

As always, our beef is clean (hormone and antibiotic free).

I hope you will try the beef and find the quality totally makes up for the price increase, even if you happen to be a cheapskate, like me.


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