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Bunkhouse Getaways

The Bunkhouse

The Bunkhouse is a cozy little cabin that has a lot of history. This building used to be a one of the work shops on the ranch and was filled with dirt, grease, and oil. After a long life of being filled with tools and sounds of work, the building fell oddly quite and empty after Mary Lou's dad passed away. The building likely would've started to decay and rot away had it not been for John and our eldest son's idea to make a "bunkhouse."

It took plenty of hard work to clean the grime off the inside of the bunkhouse, but after a couple years of cleaning, building, and remodeling the bunkhouse took shape. At first it was used as an extra bedroom for visiting family and friends, and now it has become our very own little hotel room for traveling guests. 

What to Expect

Your stay at the bunkhouse is real and simple. We grow your food and would be happy to interact about sustainable agriculture, nutrition, or whatever; or you may enjoy the solitude of the 1880's without interaction from us! Soak in the beauty of the prairie and watch the wind roll across the hills making the prairie grass look like ocean waves. Go for an evening walk down the lane and take in the massive night sky and endless stars. Watch deer grazing on alfalfa and prairie chickens do their early morning mating dance. Go on a ride in the pickup and learn about how we produce grass-finished beef and all the details of our day-to-day life. 


There is a double futon bed on the main level, two single beds in loft. Full bathroom and Kitchenette. Keep your snacks and beverages on hand with our small refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave in the bunkhouse. Ask about having a meal with us!

Come Stay With Us!

We wish we could accurately describe to you how peaceful staying at the bunkhouse is, but words do not do justice to the rejuvenation and ​refreshment that you will feel after staying with us. See you soon!

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