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Bunkhouse Beef

Bunkhouse Beef is pasture raised grass fed and grass finished beef. Our animals are never injected with hormones and are antibiotic feed free. We believe that raising our cattle in the most natural way possible is better for the livestock as well as the land.

The Livestock

The cattle that we use for grass finished beef are raised on our ranch in central Nebraska. They are born here in April and May and spend the first six to seven months of their life nursing off of their mother and learning how to graze forage in the pasture from her.

In the fall they are old enough to leave their mothers side and continue to grow on their own. Using low stress cattle handling and correct stockmanship we wean the calves. Using these techniques keeps livestock stress to a minimal and keeps the cattle and humans safe.

After weaning, separating the calves and cows, the calves we graze them on pastures and varieties of grazeable cover crops to help them gain weight.

The livestock that we use for Bunkhouse Beef are not purchased from a third party who has to try to abide by our guidelines. These animals are born and raised here, and live their life content, well fed, and well treated.

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Cooking Issues?

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Grass Finished 

A common concern we hear from potential customers is that grass fed and grass finished is "too tough and has no flavor." We understand why people hold that opinion, we've eaten some pretty tasteless and tough grass fed steaks ourselves. That's why we have worked hard on developing and bettering a combination of animal genetics and grazing cover crops to increase intramuscular fat. An increase of intramuscular fat gives a better flavor and tenderizes the meat.

We've found that the biggest factor in how your grass finished beef tastes is how you cook the beef. We recommend not cooking the beef greater than more than "Medium Rare". If the beef is cooked to "Well" or "Medium Well" it will lose more of it's juices. The more juice the beef loses the more flavor it loses.

By no means is our beef the absolute best in the world, but we believe that we are finishing our animals on natural feeds that give it excellent flavor.

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