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How To Slow Cook A Steak

Recommended for Ribeye, Filet, New York Strip, Sirloin or Sirloin Tip Steaks


1)  Completely thaw steak in the refrigerator.

2) Temper the meat on the counter before cooking (allow it to rest at room temperature 10-20 minutes).

3) Pat steak dry with a paper towel (so the meat sears, not steams).

4) For sirloin or sirloin tip steaks, remove the membrane around the muscles of the meat, separating the various muscles into pieces as desired.

5) Sear the meat on each side on high heat.  This can be done either on top of the stove in a skillet with olive oil, or on the grill.  In either case, this should not be the cooking method, just the searing of the outside edges.  

6) Once the meat is seared, move it to indirect heat on the grill, or into the oven (at 250 degrees) onto a rack on a baking sheet.  

7) Finish to the desired internal temperature (checking with a thermometer), remember that the steak will continue to cook a bit after removing it from the heat.  (130 internal temp in the oven will produce a medium rare steak at the table of 135 internal temp; 140  internal temp in the oven will produce a medium steak at the table of 145 internal temp.)

8) Enjoy that delicious grass finished beef! 

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